AES Converged Communication System-Cloud Platform and Command and Scheduling System



The Auctus data security storage center, which is compatible with the new "narrowband and broadband convergence" communication solution, is a computing service that is available anytime and anywhere, with good compatibility and high scalability. Designed for "wireless communication", it provides safe and reliable computing services through unified processing with high-performance, professional and safe scheduling daemon. At the same time, it ensures the long-lasting and stable operation of the service, so that the wireless users can communicate freely. It also adopts the current mainstream cloud platform deployment, and supports domestic Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud and AWS. It is characterized by large coverage, low cost, IP interconnection, narrowband and broadband intercommunication, digital mode, high communication quality and loud terminal voice. It can be widely used in emergency, security, hotel, mining, forestry, port and other industries.


Figure 1: AES converged communication system solution

AES system solution

[Platform cloud deployment and business cloud processing]: AES core platform is deployed in the cloud, communication business is processed in the cloud, and resources are shared throughout the network, which makes the business richer and more secure and reliable. The front end only needs to be equipped with intercom equipment and dispatcher.

[Cloud storage of recording data]: In the process of securing the communication system, the system will record the important scheduling operations such as scheduling instructions and completely record the communication records of scheduling stations and scheduling communication phones, providing original data for future accident analysis and daily management, which is an important part of the scheduling system. However, the audio and video recording system will produce a large amount of real-time data in the process of operation, and in the long-term application process of the accumulation of massive data, resulting in a series of storage and management problems. AES system is based on cloud platform and high-speed packet data network, which can effectively integrate independent storage nodes on the network and realize cloud storage of recording files without adding new equipment or changing physical location of hardware, solving the storage and management problems of the massive information, fully guarantees the effective use of the storage space of the whole network and the security of the recording files, and provides important means and basis for the scheduling and communication department to locate the responsibility of accidents and supervise the quality of work.

[Multi-level visual command and scheduling authority]: AES scheduling system provides the function of multi-level command and scheduling authority, which can customize the scope of scheduling members and scheduling functions, providing flexible command and scheduling services for commanders at different levels and branches in different regions.

[Rich scheduling functions]: AES dispatch system provides customers with practical visual command and dispatch functions, voice call, short data processing, personnel positioning and dispatch functions for production dispatch and emergency response, on-site audio and data information for command and dispatch, which completely realizes the basic functions of command and dispatch function.


Figure 2: AES converged communication system-architecture diagram


System Composition


[Scheduling intercom platform]: this platform realizes the functions of event visualization, personnel visualization and visual scheduling and positioning of work tasks.

[Cloud background]: customers can complete the deployment of the system control center without purchasing special server hardware equipment, thus saving the cost of purchasing hardware. Large cloud platforms are more stable.

[Terminal intercom]: the end-user of the system, realizing voice intercom communication.

[Converged communication base station]: the coverage access equipment of the system is in charge of communicating with intercoms.


Figure 3: Composition diagram of AES system products

duction of AES command and dispatching system

Rich scheduling function, its main functions are as follows:

1、 Scheduling Operation: to decide which group the dispatcher enters, which group to monitor, to speak, show online\in-group status, to forcibly invite, to forcibly remove, to send short messages, and to display the speaker \ dispatcher information.



2、 Map: to manage the dispatcher, to enter the map, measure, mark, select, and conduct electronic fence.


3、 GPS track: including multi-point concurrent GIS real-time positioning; historical GPS query, track playback.


4、 Recording: to select the time interval to query, to search the recording records of the group member, and play the saved recordings.



Major Function


[Scheduling]: voice scheduling for intercoms of public network and private network in the system

[Create Group]: add intercom members to the temporary talk group list to create a temporary talk group.

[Monitoring]: the dispatcher will monitor the group.

[Short Message]: the content of the short message sent to the group.

[Forcibly Invite and Forcibly Remove]: if a person is online but not in the group, the dispatcher can forcibly invite the person to the group, the dispatcher can also forcibly invite all online non-group personnel to the group at once. Likewise, dispatcher can forcibly remove personnel in the group.

[Remote Muting, Remote Silencing and Remote Activating]: The dispatcher can conduct remote muting, remote silencing and remote activating of the intercom. Muted intercoms can only answer and cannot initiate calls, while remoting silenced intercoms can't answer or initiate calls, remote activated intercoms can restore the normal functions.

[Positioning]: The dispatcher can obtain the intercoms location information through the built-in GPS chip of the terminal, and replay its operation track, carry out cross-border monitoring.



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