Working Together For Wireless Dream

Enterprise Culture


People oriented, give full authority to the people who work! Give sense of achievement and opportunities for satisfaction to the people who can work! Give deserved treatment to the people who work well! Make the company full of future, make the work full of vitality, and make the staff full of sense of achievement! 

Our Vision

To become the leader in wireless communications, meet the existing and potential needs of consumers through continuous innovation (technology innovation/product innovation/channel innovation/service innovation/management innovation/concept innovation), so that the enterprise is based on wireless communication industry for a long time, and strives to become the leader in wireless communication industry.  

Our Core Values

Integrity, Dedication, Struggle, Innovation, Efficiency and Win-win

Welfare System

Five social insurance and one housing fund

Year-end bonus

Two salary increase opportunities a year

Two paid trips

Free breakfast and lunch

Meal allowance and transportation expense for overtime work

Patent bonus

Housing allowance

Communication allowance

Annual physical examination

Bonus for not taking a leave of absence

Other welfare projects

Annual physical examination

Free buffet breakfast and lunch

Sports body-building activities

Overtime dinner allowance

Activities organized by labor union

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