2020 Xiamen Disaster Prevention, Mitigation and Emergency Rescue Technology and Equipment Exhibition


(Auctus) On the morning of August 8th, 2020 Xiamen Disaster Prevention, Mitigation and Emergency Rescue Technology and Equipment Exhibition opened at Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center. Taking “Start smart integration with chips” as the theme, Auctus showcased its product ODM capability and effects of AES integrated communication base stations in emergency rescue industry from aspects of chips, cloud and whole facility.       



-AES Integrated Communication Base Station-

Working sites of the emergency rescue industry are usually vast, geographically remote, with incomplete public network signal coverage and complex terrain. Typical solution used in current emergency communication at present is to use a combination of autonomous network and satellite communication technology, Figure 1 is a diagram of the corresponding solution communication method. Handheld terminals using autonomous network equipment in the communication coverage can be a good solution to the problem of voice and data transmission, but there is a disadvantage that the equipment terminal is expensive, while the communication distance is somewhat limited due to bandwidth and communication methods.


Figure 1

Adoption of devices combining AES converged communication base station with MESH Ad hoc network can address distance and coverage problems of voice communication in scenario usage as well as economic issues like high cost of equipment and limited project budget. In Figure 2, the handheld narrowband voice communication terminal is interfaced with the AES converged communication base station, and the AES converged base station is then connected to the regional network through a high-powered autonomous network module, and finally one of the AES converged communication base stations bridges the satellite communication equipment back to the backend command center within the entire regional coverage area. The whole solution that combines narrowband communication technology, Ad hoc network technology and satellite communication technology gives full play to advantages of various technologies. 


Figure 2

-Terminal ODM-

Boasting its complete industrial chain of digital terminals, Auctus provides clients with diversified product customization services, giving you the best ODM with the support of hundreds of R&D technicians, patented technologies of the industrial sector and multiple R&D bases.

1615775106191418.png  1615775106247449.png


A good emergency communication solution is one that fully exploits the strengths of the various proven technologies to achieve the best price for the emergency requirements and to make the most out of the operation. Meanwhile, Auctus will make unremitting efforts on the practicality of the products, the innovation of the technology and the diversity of the business scope in the emergency communication industry, and strive to provide a set of the most cost-effective wireless communication solutions for different emergency rescue needs scenarios respectively.

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