AES Converged Communication System-New Generation Service Communication (For Building and Hotel)



Office building manager has put forward new demands for the communication in high-rise buildings with the continuous development of commercial buildings, requiring communication with no blind spots, no interference and clear voice, and communication between the security officer, cleaner and logistics staff anywhere and anytime in the office buildings. Improving the efficiency of office staffs, increasing customer satisfaction with office buildings and creating a relaxed and comfortable environment for those who move in have placed new demands on professional communication equipment for the office industry. Convenient communication is the basic guarantee for the smooth development of daily business of hotel service and management personnel. Although the hotel's internal telephone communication system can guarantee a basic level voice communication, with the continuous development of the hotel industry, the hotel managers also make new demands for the communication within the hotel, requiring communication with no blind spots, no interference and clear voice, and communication between the usher, receptionist, guest room staff, catering staff, security and logistics of the hotel anywhere and anytime in the hotel. Improving the efficiency of hotel staffs, increasing customer satisfaction and creating a relaxed and comfortable environment for guests staying in hotels places new demands on professional communication equipment in the hospitality industry.


Figure 1: Communication application requirements of buildings, hotels and businesses

The AES Intelligent Converged Communication System of Auctus Technology is a smart private network communication system specially developed for wide and narrow converged communication, which is characterized by large coverage with low cost, IP interconnection, platform scheduling, and the ability to meet the needs of wide and narrow terminal converged communication, digital mode and high-quality call. It can be widely used in emergency, security, hotel, mining, forestry, port and other industries. The main features of the system are as follows:

[Narrow-band Infinite Distance] : The AES background can connect multiple scattered converged communication base stations in the same or different frequency bands by IP interconnection, forming a wireless communication network beyond geographical restrictions, and mobile terminals can automatically roam under this network to realize communication.


[Narrowband and broadband convergence] : A call initiated by a narrowband intercom will be transmitted to the cloud background after passing through the converged communication base station, then the call will be transmitted to the remote destination converged communication base station which again transmits the narrowband call to the broadband terminal through its broadband radio frequency unit. The process of calling narrowband by broadband terminal is opposite to the above narrowband call. Therefore, the converged communication base station is compatible in broad and narrow bandwidth, and capable of meeting the seamless intercommunication between broadband and narrowband.

[Narrowband roaming]: The terminal can roam freely between AES converged communication base stations and switch channels intelligently and automatically without manual intervention, so that the staff can move freely around the clock to perform tasks and communicate with others anytime and anywhere.


[Narrowband authentication]: The Converged Communication System will identify the narrowband terminals trying to access the AES platform and verify whether the terminal has the right to access the platform.

[Multichannel network access]: The Converged Communication System supports MIFI, 4G card and LAN interface, and connects router and converged communication base station through Ethernet cable to realize wireless IP interconnection of converged communication base station.

[Cloud background]: The cloud platform deployed by the top cloud server providers in China supports high concurrency and high load, and can effectively support simultaneous communication of a large amount of online users. In addition to supporting cloud platform, it can also support private server, and put all services on the same server. Meeting the changing needs of customers with flexible deployment.


Figure 2: Main Features of AES Series

Main Functional Features of the Scheme


[Advanced]: AES system as a whole is at the leading level in terms of resource allocation (including hardware and technical means) and functions, its background adopts cloud platform, and the quick-installed IP56 compact coverage base station can access the system through the network anytime and anywhere.

[Reliable]: The background cloud system adopts a stable Alibaba Cloud platform and runs stably and reliably. The AES system converged communication base station is based on compact design idea, which is simple in installation and operation, small in equipment, stable in operation, easy in maintenance, and replaceable at any time to solve problems quickly in case of failure.

[Technically mature]: Adopt the most mature RF and baseband solutions in the private network communication industry, so that the system can be put into actual use after completion and achieve the designed effect.

[Scalable]: Reasonable overall system structure, moderate design capacity, good scalability. After the investment is in well protection, the resource expansion can be increased, which includes the increase of communication coverage and distance. The solution adopts converged communication base station coverage technology to complete the coverage of all floors in the commercial plaza, and establishes one or more channels according to the actual demand, which can realize the functions of seamless voice coverage and independent group call, and fully cater the working requirements of "no blind spots, no interference and clear voice" of high-rise buildings, hotels and commercial staff.


[Highly integrated]: AES converged communication base station adopts A6 digital chip independently developed by Auctus, which has high integration and cost performance; the handheld intercom terminal also uses A6 digital chip, which is compatible with digital and analog with high integration, stability, reliability and cost performance.


Case Analysis


Case 1:

A high-end residential area in Nanning covers an area of about 800 meters *500 meters, there are 19 buildings around the central lake, 31 floors above ground and two parking garages underground with many corners. (Figure 3)

Originally, the staffs communicate with each other by ordinary intercom in direct mode. If the staffs above ground go to places blocked by buildings, there will be a serious missing of words, and the call may not get through. Besides, if the staffs go a little further in the underground parking garage, they will lose contact and be unable to communicate. In most cases, the staffs can't communicate with intercoms, making those intercoms no difference from bricks. If the staffs really need to make contact, they still need to make a phone call, but many places in the basement have bad cell phone signal. In addition, the property management leaders are out often, they can only make phone calls if they have temporary demands, in case of employees patrol to areas without signals, then they are in a state of losing contact.

Auctus AES system is an affordable converged system of broadband and narrowband, which can not only meet the requirements of long-distance calls through broadband, but also achieve full coverage without dead space through narrowband signals in basements with poor mobile phone signals, its cost performance is several grades higher than that of the traditional relay station narrowband coverage. After the installation of the AES system in the community, the property management employees can clearly communicate with the fire control center of the community in real time from anywhere in the basement of the community; when the property management leaders need to make temporary arrangement, they can contact the community staff at any time and place through the AES system public network machine and give out accurate and timely instructions, which greatly improves the communication efficiency and the property service quality, and has won unanimous praise from the majority of owners.


Figure 3 Application of a high-end community in Nanning


Case 2:

A hospital in Shenzhen covers an area of 68,000 square meters with two levels of underground parking garage and construction work for civil air defense, the buildings are separated into many small areas with outpatient and inpatient buildings and some office buildings on the ground level.

Staff previously used a traditional narrowband intercom, and staff above the ground could not communicate with the staff in the underground parking garage. The underground parking garage has more blocking areas, and the communication could be sabotaged by a stone's throw or a few walls. So the staff would switch to WeChat voice communication, but with the poor public network signal, staff working in the low voltage room could not communicate remotely and being left in a state of disconnection when they are troubleshooting electrical faults. Previously, it was assessed that the use of Motor or Hytera IP interconnection system could achieve the coverage of the whole area, but the cost of equipment and construction could reach hundreds of thousands.

However, using Auctus AES system, converged communication base station equipped with public network machine and narrowband intercom, which only needs one tenth of that cost, can also achieve seamless coverage communication in the whole region. Besides, even the hospital leaders are out for business trips, they can also contact the internal staff in real time through Auctus AES system, and make timely personnel scheduling to ensure the efficient operation and timely communication of the whole hospital. After the implementation of the AES system, hospital patients have praised the hospital for its timely service.

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