Mayor Zhang Aijun of Meizhou visited Auctus


On August 10, 2019, Mayor Zhang Aijun and his delegation visited Auctus Technology Co., Ltd.. Cai Dongzhi, chairman and general manager of the company, introduced the basic situation of the company to Mayor Zhang, focusing on the core products and development of the company. Mayor Zhang earnestly inspected the company's products and production, inquired about the development of wireless communication industry, and spoke highly of the company's independent R&D capability and production capacity. 



Mayor Zhang expressed his full affirmation of the company's scientific and technological innovation and hoped that the company could make greater contributions to the innovation of communication and the development of national high-tech industries. He emphasized that all departments should actively guide private enterprises to take the road of high-tech development, innovate high-tech products, widely unite the new generation of entrepreneurs, and inherit the innovative spirit. Mayor Zhang also promoted investment promotion policy of Meizhou city, which gives strong support to the non-local enterprises investing in Meizhou in terms of policies, taxes and services to protect the development environment of non-local enterprises in Meizhou.



Mayor Zhang said companies are welcomed to invest and build factories in Meizhou, and introduced the upstream and downstream enterprises and supporting policies. Meanwhile, he also said that Meizhou wants to and could provide better business environment for outstanding enterprises, and will catch up with and surpass "Shenzhen speed" in government efficiency. 


Mayor Zhang was accompanied by deputy mayor Liu Zonghui, member of the Standing Committee of Meizhou Municipal Committee, and deputy mayor Wu Zetong of Meizhou Municipal Government, Chen Liang, Secretary General and Office Director of Meizhou Municipal Affairs Department, Liao Songhui, Director of Service Data Bureau of Meizhou Municipal Administration, Wu Huailang, director of the Guangzhou Office of Meizhou Municipal Government, Zhang Yuxiang, deputy director of Meizhou Industrial and Information Technology Bureau, Ye Hongqing, deputy director of Bureau of Commerce of Meizhou City, Wang Feng, deputy cadre of Meizhou Municipal Office, and other staffs. 

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